At Honomobo, we’ve thought a long time about what you want: a modern, beautiful, private living space. Our solution is a home– meticulously designed, durable, flexible, and delivered and installed with surprising ease and quickness to your property.

Honomobo is about genuineness, tangible design, and responsibility.

Genuineness – We’re embracing the genuineness of our building materials. We don’t pretend it’s something else; rather, we transform it into something beautiful. Our shipping container based structures embody this concept. Its durability is a huge strength, built from corten steel to withstand the harshest conditions. But its shape allows a dramatic indoor/outdoor connection through Honomobo’s floor-to-ceiling glass. The result is something light-filled, modern, authentic, and truly livable.

Tangible Design – Tangible design means we design everything in a Honomobo for a reason. We make the most of light. We prize simplicity and utility. We connect your home’s inside to the outdoors. A Honomobo’s size feels … right.

Disruptive Technology- It is in our nature to disrupt and challenge the status quo. We have integrated innovative building practices and leveraged technology to push the envelope of standard construction. Purchasing and building a new home has never been so easy. 

Responsibility – We’re making Honomobo to provide beautiful, modern homes, yes. But we also strive to make a positive impact. Honomobo are meant to densify urban areas, use existing streets and utilities, revive schools, increase transit use, fill local shops. And they’re designed to allow you to make a net-positive environmental impact in your home. A Honomobo can create more energy than it uses. It can be a truly green and sustainable home.