Frequently Asked Questions


Why Honomobo?

Adding value to your existing property and creating a revenue generating asset has never been so simple! We simplify the construction process and put the control back into the homeowners hands! There’s no need to endure months of construction and disruption to your neighbours. Once you are ready for us we are in and out of your property within 1-2 weeks. We take pride in our modern design and standard of quality by building to commercial grade for a residential application.  Our homes (ranging from 207 sq.ft to 1380 sq.ft) use modular construction, with more than 95% of the construction being completed in a factory, reducing total construction timelines nearly in half.


What can a Honomobo be used for?

A Home, a rental suite, office, ADU, guest house, granny suite, in-law suite, cabin or cottage, multi-unit apartment complex etc. The options are endless!


How does a Bank classify a Honomobo?

Simply put, a Honomobo is a Home. We certify all our homes under your local required factory-built modular status (For Canada this is CSA-A277), which assures that your home has been engineered and built to meet the local building code of where it will be permanently placed. The main difference between a Honomobo and more traditional factory-built homes is that we are building with steel...We just happen to reuse steel from cool cubes that are commonly know as a shipping containers.   Our homes have been designed and sealed by registered professionals to be compliant with the local building code and are permitted by local municipalities as standard permanent homes. We use all the same finishes, drywall, quartz, cedar, and spray foam insulation that traditional high end homes would use. A Honomobo is a Home.


Can a Honomobo be stacked?

A Honomobo is built from shipping containers which are stacked up to 9 high when travelling on a ship...A Honomobo is in its element when it's stacked and can be placed on a garage, carport, or even another Honomobo!


Is a Honomobo Customizable?

A Honomobo's exterior layout is fixed, but can be mirrored. We have some options for interior cabinets,floors and counters.  All mechanical and electrical designs are fixed. 


How do the Cities view a Honomobo?

The Cities are very receptive to Honomobo! Our homes are certified factory-built homes that are built to meet the local building code, which is crucial to the City’s approval. 


Does Honomobo supply land?

A Honomobo does not come with its own land, but fits very well in your back yard as secondary dwelling , or in remote areas and as a cabin or cottage. Our HO4+ is a great size to use as your primary residence! 


Where can I put a Honomobo?

There are several neighborhoods that have the applicable zoning requirements to accommodate a Honomobo as a primary or secondary dwelling (Most Cities let you look up zoning based on your address via their website).

A Honomobo becomes a permanent fixture of your land and is generally permitted go anywhere a standard home can go!


If it's considered permanent does that mean i can't move it? 

A Honomobo is inherently modular, it comes together in modules and can be dismantled back into its original modules. A Honomobo is typically welded to a permanent foundation and bolted together onsite. With right tools, our professionals can move your home within a week. 


How is a Honomobo insulated?

We use a highly efficient certified 2lb polyurethane closed cell foam, which eliminates any air gaps and air transfer. This keeps your Honomobo cool in the summer and warm in the winter while not hurting your wallet!


How long does it take to get a Honomobo?

Upon permit approval from the City (which can take up to 6-8 weeks), we can have you your Honomobo ready to be delivered within 10 weeks.


How much does a Permit Cost?

Permit costs are determined by each local governing authority. Generally this information can be found on your local City's website.


How do I finance my Honomobo?

There are a number of ways to finance a Factory-Built Home: Home Equity Line of Credit, Construction Mortgage, Refinance Plus improvements, Refinance, Purchase Plus Improvements. If you would like to discuss in more depth, we would be happy to pass your information along to one of our Financial Partners.


What is included in the price? What other costs should be considered?

Our pricing includes, your Honomobo with all the fixtures, built-in millwork and mechanical systems. Costs to consider which vary by location:Delivery/setup, foundation, permits and utility service upgrades.


What is the ROI of a Honomobo as a rental?

In many Cities a one bedroom suite rents for over $1000 per/month, and for even more when used as a vacation rental. Our H03 is roughly $600/month to when added to your mortgage. (We smell cash flow!)


What is the Net Positive potential?

In every aspect of what we do, we strive to be a net positive impact to the world around us.

It starts where Honomobo’s are placed, in densifying urban areas, allowing communities to use existing streets, revive schools, increase transit use, fill local coffee shops, and promote interaction between diverse social groups, creating an overall healthier community.

A Honomobo can be outfitted in a way that it creates more energy through solar energy than it uses on an annual basis, creating a truly green and sustainable living space for the generations to come.


Modern. Beautiful. Modular.