Why Shipping Containers?

When Shipping containers were originally created, they were designed with modularity in mind. They were required to withstand all kinds of abuse as they journey through some of the world’s harshest climates. From salt water to freezing temperatures, a shipping container is meant to handle the worst of the worst while protecting some of the world’s most precious cargo. Comprised of corten steel, it is in a shipping containers DNA to protect itself from any corrosion or rust, and when they fall off the ship they can take up to a week to sink. With more boxes being imported than exported, we have an opportunity to reuse something that is desperately looking for a new home.

A prefabricated shipping container home makes the construction process much simpler and more efficient than ever before. So why spend months building when it could be weeks? Imagine them as life-size lego blocks and you will start to see the vast possibilities and opportunities. Build a single level or multi-storey building. Place one in your backyard and then 10 years later move it somewhere new. When it comes to construction methods and building materials there are few alternatives that are as durable, portable and sustainable.

Modular construction isn’t a new idea, but often when people think modular they think temporary and temporary often means junk. But with shipping containers, modular just means flexibility without jeopardizing quality. Pre-manufactured modular construction is a more versatile and predictable way to build.

At Honomobo we have set out to leverage the modularity and durability of the shipping container while not apologizing for what they are. We don’t hide our boxes, but we have embraced the essence of the shipping container.