How to Educate your City or Bank on Honomobo.


A Honomobo is a Factory-built home.

A factory-built home is a single-family home constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to a Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety set of Standards (better known as the HUD, HCD or WAC 296-150M) These programs require that the home to be built to the local building code and requires strict oversight by a third-party to ensure that the proper Q/A & Q/C processes are in place. 

When approaching a City or Financial Institution it is important to properly describe a Honomobo when speaking with them. The term "Container Home" or "Container House" can be very misleading and confusing. A "Container Home" can mean a lot of things, and the term can make it difficult to gain permit approval. When clarified and better defined as a certified factory-built modular home, Banks and Cities have an easier time understanding.

A Honomobo is a pre-engineered factory-built home that is designed in compliance with the local building codes of the final address. All of our models are reviewed and sealed by a local professional engineer prior to shipment and are designed to be permanently affixed to a permanent foundation.

The permanence of the home is an important factor for both the permit approval process and the financing of a Honomobo. This does not preclude you from having the flexibility to relocate or reposition your Honomobo at a later date (with proper approvals), but provides the assurance that the Banks and Cities need. 

We use building materials you would find in traditional commercial and residential construction. Our electrical and plumbing fixtures are all code compliant, we use drywall wallboards, spray foam insulation, quartz counter tops and vinyl plank flooring. All of these materials are used in standard construction.

Our factory is currently certified and able to label our homes with a CSA-A277 Label for all Canadian projects.

If you wish to learn more about certification compliancy, or details on how our how our homes are permanently installed onsite, please contact us directly at and we will have one of our consultants reach out to you directly.