Honomobo designs and builds modern, beautiful, modular homes. Some of our homes are made from shipping containers, some are not. Our homes are designed and built so well that sometimes people cry when they see them in person.

The modern design of a Honomobo means timeless clean lines, authenticity of materials, and efficient use of space in every model that we build. Our homes are meticulously designed to offer an indoor outdoor living experience wherever you choose to place your home. Whether it’s an H series shipping container or M series rigid steel frame, a Honomobo is built from extremely durable long lasting materials and runs fully on electricity. Our world is evolving into a more sustainable place and a Honomobo is ready to function as a net positive energy home right now. The modular nature of our homes means they are built in a controlled factory environment with a rigorous quality control program and less waste than typical construction practices. Modern. Sustainable. Beautiful. Honomobo.

H-series Shipping Container Homes 

 M-series STeel Frame Homes 



Built to meet local Building code

Honomobo is a home. It can be used as an ADU, a carriage/laneway home, garage suite, lake front getaway, tiny house, or stacked on a garage and is built to meet the local building code. Order a Honomobo and it’ll be ready for you, whatever your purpose, in just 12 weeks from production start date.

Cities are taking bold steps to fight urban sprawl by allowing more density in established neighbourhoods. We are too... Honomobo is building code and zoning-friendly, right from our factory.

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Details that matter

Modern Prefab homes are the future

Buying a home can be overwhelming, fraught with endless choice and decisions. That’s why the Honomobo process is brilliantly simple and predictable. Choosing your Honomobo and how it’s finished is easy. We manufacture it, we deliver it, and install it, move-in ready

Net Positive Shipping Container Home

NET POSITIVE solar ready

Every Honomobo we build runs 100% on electricity, is solar ready, and can be outfitted to be Net Positive, which means on an annual basis the home will produce more energy than it uses. All of our homes have been designed with an envelope that exceeds your local energy code requirements and add a high-efficient heating and cooling system, including an air source heat pump for heating/cooling and an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) for fresh air as a standard.