Modern. Sustainable. Modular. Honomobo.

At Honomobo this isn’t just a catch phrase, it defines everything we do.

Modern – Modern design is an all encompassing philosophy which we define in three main categories.

  • Authenticity of materials - At Honomobo we let materials be what they are, not try to look like something else. In the H-series the shipping container which is both part of the structure as well as the exterior cladding material. The cedar ceiling is real cedar, and the steel accent panel is a piece of steel that we allow to weather naturally. In a Honomobo what you see is what you get.

  • Indoor Outdoor Connection - A Honomobo has a lot of glass. The indoor outdoor experience is a defining feature of our design and it means that from your main living space you will feel connected to the outdoors. Whether a vibrant urban setting or a peaceful retreat, part of living in a Honomobo is feeling connected to the place which you choose to live. The defining experience of living in a Honomobo is feeling connected to the outdoors from your living space.

  • Minimalism - To us minimalism doesn’t mean living in an empty house with one chair, but it does mean living in an efficiently designed home without wasted space. A Honomobo has rooms which are strategically sized, meant to create intimacy and warmth without feeling cramped, but not creating needless square footage. A Honomobo is designed for you to live comfortably and efficiently wherever you choose to place it.

Sustainable – In a Honomobo we made the conscious decision to build exceptionally durable homes which run exclusively on electricity.

  • Energy Efficiency - At Honomobo we see a sustainable energy future which relies on renewable and clean electricity production to power our lives and our homes. Every Honomobo is equipped with proven all electric systems which allows for renewable energy sources to offset some or all of the energy usage of a Honomobo.

  • Durability - Whether it is the corten steel shipping container of the H-Series or the steel frame and steel plate cladding of the M-Series, any Honomobo is built to stand the test of time. Steel construction and durable cladding means a Honomobo will require less long term maintenance and out live a standard home. The durable nature of a Honomobo means less waste from renovation and eventual demolition of homes.

Modular - A modular home is built in a factory. A factory setting allows a Honomobo to be built faster, higher quality, and with less waste than a standard home.

  • Faster - Without the delays related to weather and other unpredictable events, the speed of construction in a factory is faster and more efficient than you will find in construction outdoors.

  • Quality - Rigorous quality control in a controlled environment allows for a high quality construction process. Quality control checks are performed at every step of the way to maintain a predictable construction process.

  • Less Waste - Indoor construction and technologically advanced construction techniques make for a maximally efficient construction process with minimal waste.

These three principles define what we do at Honomobo.

Modern. Sustainable. Modular. Honomobo.