The M2 was designed from the ground up to be the most efficient and liveable two bedroom two bathroom home possible. The design is focused on light, which utilizes floor to ceiling glass over twenty nine feet of its front to fill the spaces. The bedrooms are right sized, allowing ample space while not oversized. A full sized living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and an ensuite with two sinks round out the two module unit. The M2 can be utilized at grade or over a garage.


Dimensions: 34ft Wide x 26ft Deep footprint

Living Space: 810 sq/ft                                




  • Banks will mortgage a Honomobo. Contact your local bank or mortgage broker.

  • A Honomobo is built to the local building code. (Additional costs may apply)

  • A Honomobo is typically installed on a permanent foundation.

  • We can talk directly to your bank if you need help.

  • Pricing is plus local taxes and does not include, site services, foundations, delivery/setup and permits.