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The Honomobar is simple. We take a recycled shipping container, sprinkle some Honomobo design magic and turn it into a modern, beautiful and sexy container bar. A Honomobar can be shipped North America wide and placed just about anywhere. In your backyard, by the pool, at the lake, on a mountain - basically anywhere you can imagine having a pop up bar! Simply contact us and place your order and in 4-6 weeks we will deliver your Honomobar.


Dimensions: 8ft Wide x 13ft Long

Footprint: 104 sq/ft

price: $19,764 USD

          $25,178 CAD


Limited Quantities Available for 2018




  • 3ft Cedar Overhang
  • Black Aluminum Roll Shutter for Nightly or Seasonal Lock Up
  • Canadian Fir Treated Butcher Block Bar Top
  • Acid Wash Steel Accent Panel
  • Painted Original Container Floor (non-slip coating) 
  • Hydraulic Lifting Arms for Main Window (Manual Lift)
  • JB for electrical extension cord pass through





  • A Honomobar does not need a foundation.
  • Pricing  does not include local taxes, site services, foundations, delivery/setup, decks or permits.
  • No electrical or plumbing included