Modular Evolution.

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The M-Series is the evolution of modern, beautiful, and modular architecture. M is the combination of everything we know when it comes to green building science and pure modern design into one beautiful package. The M-Series utilizes a steel rigid frame with an exceptionally efficient building envelope made from structurally insulated panels, comprised of pure insulation sandwiched between magnesium concrete boards that are impervious to water, and flame resistant.

In sticking with our initial intent for authenticity of design, we are embracing the steel frame and accentuating the structural insulated panels to create a beautiful and efficient home. This is truly the future of housing.


Modern. Beautiful. Modular.

At Honomobo, we’ve thought a long time about what you want: a modern, beautiful home. Our solution is simple– meticulously designed, durable, flexible, and delivered and installed with surprising ease and quickness to your property. Buying a home has never been so simple.

NEW M-series STeel Frame Homes 

H-series Shipping Container Homes 


Featured H-Series Shipping Container home Videos 

This is some amazing footage capturing the install of our HO4+  deep in the sticks in Aspen Grove, B.C. Canada. 

Beautiful Modern H04 Two Bedroom Shipping Container home installed on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

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If you’re thinking of buying one, go for it!
— Fabio, Vancouver BC

Plug and play.



built to meet local Building code

Honomobo is a home. It can be used as an ADU, a carriage/laneway home, garage suite, lake front getaway, tiny house, or stacked on a garage and is built to meet the local building code. Order a Honomobo and it’ll be ready for you, whatever your purpose, in just 10 weeks.
Cities are taking bold steps to fight urban sprawl by allowing more density in established neighbourhoods. We are too... Honomobo is building code and zoning-friendly, right from our factory.

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Details that matter

Modern Prefab homes are the future

We know that buying another home can be overwhelming, fraught with endless choice and decisions. That’s why the Honomobo process is brilliantly simple and predictable. Choosing your Honomobo and how it’s finished is easy. We manufacture it, we deliver it, and install it, basically move-in ready

Net Positive Shipping Container Home

NET POSITIVE solar ready

Every Honomobo we build is solar ready and can be outfitted to be Net Positive, which means on an annual basis the home will produce more energy than it uses. All of our homes have been designed with an envelope that exceeds your local energy code requirments and add a high-efficient heating and cooling system, including an air source heat pump for heating/cooling and an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) for fresh air as a standard.

raising the bar with Shipping Container Homes  

Prefab and modular are not new concepts, nor is the idea of a shipping container home. Shipping container homes and modular homes often lack design, but at Honomobo we set out to take the best of both worlds and design our homes without compromise.  We don't apologize for the fact that we are using shipping containers, but we embrace the fact that we are leveraging shipping containers to create modern, beautiful, and modular living spaces.