Our Process is Simple.

At Honomobo we simplify the build process and take out the guess work. Ease is met with speed and with Honomobo, you cut your build times in half! We supply everything required for our Honomobo to be move-in ready and the only thing we need from you is a foundation and services. Most of our clients chose a local contractor to help with the permit submission and civil works, but we have plenty of DIY's that take on this portion of work themselves. We work hand and hand with you and your contractor to ensure that your property is ready for your Honomobo. From there...don't blink, because we will be in and out of your property within a week! 

Feasibility Consultation - $295  

Honomobo will review site feasibility and provide you with the following:

  • Phone Consultation with Honomobo Expert
  • Zoning Verification 
  • Confirm Site Accessibility for Truck
  • Overhead Crane Feasibility
  • Upgrade Option Pricing 
  • Provide a Detailed Estimate

*Site visits are not included. 

Phase 1- Permit Drawings - $2500 - (applied towards the purchase price)

  • Honomobo will provide architectural drawings that can be submitted for local permit approval. Site specific engineering and site reports are not included
  • Honomobo will plot the proposed Honomobo on the customer supplied site plan. 

Phase 2- Sales Order – 40% Pre-Construction Payment – Site construction starts at this time

  • Due before construction starts on your new home
  • Typically 10-12 week build time from time of receipt
  • Lock in your production spot and pricing. 

Phase 3 -Factory Construction Complete – 50% Payment to Honomobo

  • Required prior to shipping of Honomobo
  • Honomobo is sent by truck to your location

Phase 4- Installation – Final 10% (held in trust) due upon completion of install

  • Honomobo sends their  technician to location to manage install on client installed foundation
  • Client is responsible for electrician to hook up main power service, inspections, and power up
  • Client is responsible for the welding of their Honomobo to their foundation
  • Client is responsible for plumbing connections, inspections,  and water connection to their Honomobo


Save time with Prefab CONSTRUCTION

Modular Construction