Made from five forty-foot shipping containers, this floor plan is a 3-bedroom with ensuite and den, with the option to add a stair opening to access a site built garage or basement. This home features a large living room, dining room, and full kitchen, finished with thirty-seven feet of floor to ceiling glass. Five shipping containers are stitched together to create a beautiful living space within 1,520 square feet. This is truly spacious and an efficient single level home.

Included as standard is a highly efficient air source heat pump for heating and cooling.

Dimensions: 40ft Wide x 40ft Deep. 

All Honomobo are Solar Photovoltaic ready. Ready to take the plunge to full net positive?

Price: $279,250 CAD or $223,400 USD


  • Banks will mortgage a Honomobo. Contact your local bank or mortgage broker.
  • A Honomobo is built to the local building code.
  • A Honomobo is typically installed on a permanent foundation. 
  • Additional $5000 for stair reinforcement 
  • We can talk directly to your bank if you need help. 
  • Pricing is plus local taxes and does not include, site services, foundations, delivery/setup and permits.
  • *CAD Pricing is in Canadian Funds *USD Pricing in US Funds 
  • US Pricing subject to change based on current exchange rate.