An affordable, efficient, living mini studio. With two options available,  240 sq/ft and 208 sq/ft our H01 hits above its weight, through efficient design and convertible spaces, this is a comfortable living space. A full bathroom and an option to add a functional kitchenette allows the HO1 to deliver everything the modern dweller needs in a tiny home or lakeside cabin.

Included as standard is a highly efficient air source heat pump for heating and cooling.

Dimensions: H01+ - 12ft Wide x 20ft Long H01 - 8ft Wide x 26ft Long

All Honomobo are Solar Photovoltaic ready. Ready to take the plunge to full net positive?



Price:$52,995 CAD OR $42,801 USD              


Price: $55,931 CAD OR $45,264 USD


Did you know? 

  • Banks will mortgage a Honomobo. Contact your local bank or mortgage broker.
  • A Honomobo is built to the local building code.
  • A Honomobo is typically installed on a permanent foundation. 
  • We can talk directly to your bank if you need help. 
  • Pricing is plus local taxes and does not include, site services, foundations, delivery/setup and permits.
  • *CAD Pricing is in Canadian Funds *USD Pricing in US Funds 
  • US Pricing subject to change based on current exchange rate.